From your home to your business (to even your giant industrial complex), LA LED can provide you with our specially designed lighting that ensures incredible utility cost-savings through state-of-the-art energy efficiency and product longevity. One light will last for decades and each light is so powerful, reliable, consistent, versatile, eco-friendly, and hazard free that you’ll be amazed at all of the money, time, and various kinds of “energy” you’ll save when compared to your old, traditional lighting.

LA LED manufactures high quality, low temperature lights that are easy to use, install, and remove.  LA LED lights will rarely need to be replaced, and should cut your lighting utility costs by more than 50%.  Initially inspired by CEO Robert Owens’s own frustration with excessive and expensive energy surcharges, LA LED continues to search for affordable and practical lighting solutions that will “enlighten” the future of lighting.

LA LED’s mission is to develop, refine and enhance LED (light emitting diode) solid state technology in order to make better lights that otherwise act, look, and function like the traditional lighting sources that we all know and love, but at the same time substantially “lightening” all of the unnecessary costs, burdens, and annoyances that traditional lighting produces.

LA LED will deliver exactly the kind of light that you want, all of the time.  Let us know how LA LED can light up your world.     LA LED… light up your world!


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  1. I love the LED light over my thermostat! Finally I have a true temperature on it.

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