The Elimination of Incandescent Lightbulbs

Thomas Edison's invention: lightbulb

Thomas Edison gave us the gift of light!

Thomas Edison was a great man and gave us a miraculous gift…

the gift of light…

incandescent light bulbs.

But if Thomas Edison were alive today, we like to think he’d be leading the movement towards more energy efficient lighting sources that the technological advances since his age have provided.

Earlier in our decade, Vice President Al Gore popularized widespread usage of CFLs  as an energy saving alternative to traditional bulbs, and in recent history President George W. Bush signed into law the elimination of incandescent light bulbs over the course of the next few years.

If you are like us at LALED, you may not consider yourself a radical environmentalist (or an extremist of any sort, really), but you can probably see the merit and common sense in leaving the planet at least as good as we found it for future generations to live and prosper.  To us, the concept of our children and
grandchildren inheriting a problematic environment is unsettling.  Likewise, leaving them an insurmountable national debt is, well… unforgiveable.

Recent political rumblings in opposition to The Energy Bill of 2007 have called this legislation into question and brought the issue to our dining room and water cooler conversations, but whether you believe the bill limits your political freedoms or not, the fact remains that usage of more technologically advanced lighting sources is not only ideal in terms of energy conservation, but is just plain smarter economically speaking.

Less energy output = less spending from your bank account + more  environmentally sound.

That sounds like good math to us.

While we appreciate that CFLs were a step in the right direction, at LALED we are helping to pioneer the LED movement as the answer to the question, “what now?” and thus become the lighting option of choice for the future.
But guess what?  The future is now!

For more information about LALED, please visit us at or “like” us on Facebook.


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